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An archive of Magento + Community driven bug fixes

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  • Plan for the time after Magento 1 eol

    As you probably have already heard, the eol (End of life) for “Magento 1” is set to June 2020. (as announced here: )

    Already some time ago the OpenMage Project was started, to improve the bugfix situation for Magento 1, as even when a fix was already provided, they were often not integrated into official versions even years later. (this changed with Magento 2 a lot to the better)

    This was only one of more than 5 forks I counted in the recent years(and there were probably even more). But it is the only one where a community formed around, and which got a wider range of users and contributors.

    Lets talk some numbers, by now we are, and we have:

    • 9 + 3 Maintainer (9 with Admin Privilege)
    • 68 Code Contributors
    • 146 direct Forks on Github
    • Over 200 merged Pull Requests
    • 273 Stars on Github
    • ~80 daily visitors on the Github Repository
    • 110 Follower on Twitter ( )

    We structured the Project into several phases, oriented on the official Support status of M1.
    We are currently in Phase 2.

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